Marc Charron is an overnight success story 25 years in the making.  

His unique one-man band style was born of necessity in 1998 in Fernie, BC. Knowing he needed more “oomph” for a loud St. Patrick’s Day gig, he sat down with a drum kit in front of him, while he sang and played guitar.

Since 2004 Marc has toured Canada eight times as a solo artist and Australia once with rock band Seismic. He has recorded three studio albums and one live album.  In August 2018 he played his first fully solar powered concert. In 2020 when the pandemic hit, he set up an at-home video studio, playing twice weekly live streams to listeners across the world.

Marc has shared the stage with: Xavier Rudd, Cuff the Duke, Sunparlour Players, Meligrove band, Wax Mannequin, Grand Theft Bus, Jimmy Swift Band, Rantmusic, Macgnarleys Rant, Geoff Berner, Pilate , Jeff Martin, The Stills and many more.


1994 – Moonshine Redemption demo release
2000 – Echoplex full length record
2001 – Full length solo cassette release
2005 – Collectors item solo ep
2006 – 10 song live solo record
2006 – LURE demo ep
2007 – LURE full length – It Is What It Is
2009 – Coming & Going – full length release
2012 – Pizza for Breakfast solo ep
2021 – Dreaming Big solo live single

2024 – Dreaming Big studio single released

2024 – “Pizza for Breakfast – SECONDS” –  VERY SOON!!

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